Transformative Volunteering:

Level-up Human Connection, Globally.

Help build empathy, civility, and collaboration by volunteering with Acquaint. Train communication skills while connecting with other volunteers around the world for 1-on-1 intercultural dialogue. Volunteers say the experience is fun, powerful and eye opening. It is totally free and complements nearly any CSR program's goals.

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Acquaint's Model

We recruit volunteers to practice human connection across cultural and other differences. Our platform creates a space where volunteers can connect 1-on-1 to learn with people from around the world at times convenient for them. From strengthening our ability to connect with our coworkers to understanding our own bias, practicing these intercultural connections help volunteers support human connections in their own families and communities in addition to fostering global inclusion. Optional group volunteering allows your team to come together across borders to amplify their experience.
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Benefits of Volunteering

In a recent survey, volunteers reported improvements in:

Pie chart showing that 84% of volunteers improved intercultural communication skills, 70% improved listening skills, 48% improved confidence.
As volunteers, we enhance our ability to connect with others, directly helping with some of the enormous challenges corporations face today. Weak employee engagement, isolation, and ineffective communication combined costs US companies alone trillions (USD) every year. Join the ranks of Acquaint volunteers today to level up human connection at your company!

Measuring Your Impact

Enjoy real-time metrics and reports on your corporate team's group volunteering efforts. Track your team's contributions, receive heartfelt appreciation from global volunteers, and insights on your cumulative volunteering hours. One of the best parts about Acquaint is that the same behaviors that promote global collaboration and inclusion promote it in our own lives too. These metrics help you to watch the transformation take place.
View of Acquaints impact page that would show you the number of hours volunteered by your team.
Map of the world showing countries in which Acquaint has volunteers.

Contribute to Research

Help Us Overcome Global Divisions

Acquaint volunteers are invited to help us study human connection by participating in different communication training or other related studies. By contributing to intercultural dialogue on Acquaint, volunteers make it faster and easier for the world to train human connection skills.

See how it works:

Volunteers Connecting On Acquaint

Kingsley, an Acquaint Volunteer from Accra Ghana, demonstrates how volunteers use the platform. We see him connect with Diane, a fellow volunteer located in Washington State, USA.
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Volunteering with Acquaint is free, convenient, and a great complement to your impact initiatives. By deliberately practicing diverse human connections, we not only make it possible for the world to solve global problems but also create change all around us.
Please note: we do not represent any political or religious organizations. We are a community of volunteers who believe in the power of human connection to overcome global challenges. As such, we depend on support from independent donors, grants, and organizations like yours to continue our work.
Acquaint is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.