Terms and Conditions

These are Acquaint's terms and conditions; in other words these are important rules and policies that must be followed by both Acquaint and its members on the Acquaint platform.

1. Acquaint

"Acquaint" provides a software platform that enables volunteers to connect one-on-one or in small groups with people from around the world. All users of Acquaint are considered to be volunteers who help to bring the world closer together.

2. Privacy Policy

Acquaint's privacy policy covers important details about what data we collect from you, how we use it, and how we protect it. Click here to read the privacy policy.

3. Community Guidelines

Community guidelines are the basic procedures that allow members to operate safely and productively in the community. In some cases, Acquaint may choose to prevent or suspend participation of a volunteer if a good faith effort was not made to adhere to the community guidelines.  It is expected that all members will read and understand the community guidelines. Click here to read the community guidelines.

4. Safety

There are some strict rules in place to ensure the safety of our members, more details can be found in the community guidelines:

  • No sharing of contact information: please do not share email addresses, phone numbers, social media handles, or anything with which someone could personally identify you.  For now, this is critical to ensuring the safety of our members and prevents people from joining with an agenda other than to have positive connections.
  • No hate or harassment of any kind: personal attacks or direct attacks on member's beliefs are not tolerated. If members espouse beliefs you believe to be hateful, please contact us immediately.
  • Avoid angry confrontations - typically these might arise over political, philosophical, or religious differences. Anger is contrary to the mission of the platform.
  • No romantic advances of any kind - this is NOT a dating service, we are a community of people trying to give back by connecting with each other across generations and cultures to learn, grow, and bring the world together.
  • Do not share your password for your account with anyone and no-one from Acquaint will ask you for your password.
  • At least one trained member will be part of every scheduled experience.
  • Please report any violations of the safety policy immediately to Acquaint.

5. Age Restrictions

Age affects whether or not someone may use the platform.

  • Age under 14 (or under 16 outside of the US): Children under this age are not allowed to have any information entered into the website about them. Only with a parent/guardian's supervision may members of this age use the software as long as no PII or sensitive information about them is entered.
  • Ages 14-18 (16-18 when outside of the US): Members may use the platform with parental consent.

6. Memberships

Memberships are a way for volunteers to support the community either through a monetary contribution or through a time commitment.

  • Free membership. Members may opt for a free membership which will typically require some time commitment and training or have other limits to the amount the platform can be used.
  • Paid memberships. Members may pay a monthly fee that enables them to both support Acquaint and volunteer on the platform with certain privileges like scheduling activities at times of their choosing.  Memberships are paid for on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time.
  • Paid organization memberships. Organizations may purchase a membership to connect a community of people to the Acquaint platform. Members from an organizational membership are never considered to be trained and will always be paired with a trained member. The account holder for an organization's membership is responsible for ensuring that all participants from the organization adhere to these Terms and Conditions and understand the community guidelines (and cancellation policy.)
  • Refunds. Acquaint may offer refunds on a case by case basis for the latest fee paid as part of a subscription.

7. Cancellation Policy and No Shows

Activities may be cancelled unexpectedly at the last minute. While we try to ensure any scheduled activity proceeds as planned, we can't guarantee that members arrive or arrive on time to a scheduled activity. To help prevent missed or cancelled activities, we have a cancellation policy outlined in our community guidelines that includes penalties for missing or cancelling scheduled activities without sufficient (typically greater than 24 hours) notice.

8. Background checks

Background checked members can be requested for activities scheduled by a member in cases where the participant in Acquaint activities requires the care of a legal guardian. For other cases please contact info@acquaint.org.

9. Intellectual property

  • Virtual Experiences. Acquaint does not allow download or sharing of content and images included in Acquaint's virtual experiences. In many cases, this content is produced by the hard work of volunteers (written scripts) or content donors (images donated by photographers) and these rules are in place to protect their content.
  • Acquaint Webpage and Art. Acquaint reserves all rights for content displayed outside of virtual experiences and reproduction in any form is not allowed without prior written permission.

10. Modification of the terms

We may modify these terms in the future and upon modification, we will require that you accept the terms and conditions again before using the site.

11. Access to the platform

Acquaint reserves the right to block or suspend anyone from the community, without reason.  Acquaint, at its sole discretion, may decide to provide an explanation for the ban/suspension and/or refund for the current membership period (subscription cost for a single month).  Typically, access will not be denied to any user who makes a good faith effort to adhere to the Community Guidelines.

12. Leaving the platform

Members can leave the platform at any time. We ask that you cancel any membership you may have and if you wish us to delete your personal data, email info@acquaint.org with subject "Account Deletion" from the email address of the account you wish deleted.