Cultural Networking Volunteer Opportunity
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Organization Description
Acquaint is a nonprofit peacebuilding organization that works to heal divisions and prevent conflict. Enthusiastic volunteers from 55+ countries connect on our website for one-on-one conversations to share culture and perspectives.
Role Description
Cultural Networking is a remote volunteer opportunity based on each volunteer’s schedule. Each week, you will enter your available days and times on the Acquaint website. Based on your availability, you will be paired with a fellow volunteer for at least one session per week. Sessions last an average of 45 minutes, and the goal is to ask questions, learn about the other person, and build intercultural communication skills. A series of virtual icebreakers help inspire conversation.
Qualifications and Requirements
  • English language fluency
  • Basic computer skills
  • Internet connection
  • Must be 15 years of age or older
  • If under 18, permission from a parent or guardian
Time Commitment
  • Minimum of 1 hour per week
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Open Hours: 5:00am - 10:00pm Pacific Time (United States)
  • Onboarding/training takes 3-5 hours
Join Acquaint today to help turn cultural networking into a movement. Together we can empower people worldwide to understand each other and build global solidarity!